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Photo Credit: Amber Koerton

March is here and Mr. Groundhog promised an early spring.

Well, while a lot of us are still waiting on Spring, I urge you to not blame the sweet little groundhog. Blame his informant, Mr. U and Mr. U’s inability to make a solid decision.

Who is this “Mr. U”? Well Mr. U is short for Mr. Undecided. You see, Mr. U is the guy that tells Mr. Groundhog, “Spring’s a comin’ or Winter’s a stayin’ “.

Unfortunately for us, Mr. U’s thought process makes the transition between Winter and Spring more like a baton hand-off in slow motion. The truth is, ever since Mother Nature rejected him,  he refuses to leave. But that story shall be told at a different time and different place.

So, about our clothes. 

For some of us, Mr. U makes for an interesting morning when figuring out what IN THE WORLD to wear. Completing this task can either become a full blown event all on its own, or just another morning wearing the same, safe outfit you promised yourself  you would not wear again.

Well, you’re in luck! I shall now introduce you to two things:

The first being L.L., short for Lady Layers. Check out her magic in the pictures posted throughout this entry!

The second being some advice from me and how I choose to tackle the Getting Dressed Challenge.

Part 1:

Lady Layers

Photo Credit: Amber Koerton

MaquitaUsing Lady Layers not only provides the opportunity to add random elements of surprise to your outfit, but she also serves as a distraction when trying to cover up that Sugar Addict, pudge that just won’t go away (*points to self* guilty).

(Don’t worry, Tekinah will whip us into shape in the first week of April with her fitness tips!)  

Personally, Layers makes the “Getting Dressed in Weird Weather” process much easier for me! I hope she can be of great assistance to you as well! Check out my pictures and research some others for inspiration!

Part 2

Based on the responses we received when we asked women to send in their fashion questions,  I have come up with six key points to keep in mind when dealing with your wardrobe.  Those six key points are “My Advice”.

Advice #1: Wear You

Advice number one has all to do with YOU. You must learn to wear who YOU really are. Garments/Outfits/attire are all used as a means of expression. It is a way to vocalize how you feel without saying a single word. When we attempt to wear someone else’s self expression, unfortunately we just don’t look as good in it. Truth is, we never will; not until we are wearing our own self expression. You look best wearing YOU.

“The biggest mistake a woman can make is not to be herself in public of private” – Diane Von Furstenburg

Advice #2: Give Your Entire Closet a Chance

Try this, go to the side of your closet ( or drawer) you typically avoid, rummage through it a bit. Now move the things you hardly see or wear to the side to the side that holds your favorite and often worn pieces.  Start mixing and matching, see what you come up with!  You may have a brand new wardrobe sitting right there in your closet.

Advice #3: Open Your Mind

I know it’s difficult to get creative when most of our creative juices dried up the day we found Pinterest and Etsy, but it’s the only waayyy! Sites, blogs,and pin boards are GREAT for trends and inspiration, however  it is important that you refer to Advice #1. You look best wearing YOU, remember? So be willing to accept yourself if “you” looked differently than you originally thought she would.

Advice #4: Don’t think too much

I know I know, I say be creative, open your mind but don’t think too much. However, I’m learning all of these things are necessary. My favorite outfits we


born on the days I simply wanted to be different, comfortable and just threw something together.

If I didn’t want to wear heels, I worked my outfit around my flats… and bam! One of my favorite outfits was born (pencil skirt, polk

a dotted top, cardigan, waist belt and FLATS)

Another day I REFUSED to do my hair, so I centered my outfit around my animal print head scarf. *Poof* then came another (This one is pictured on our instagram page).

The outfit the amazing Amber Koerton captured pictures of came from me desperately wanting to wear a skirt in the middle of Winter.
Don’t get caught up in the materialistic aspect of fashion as some do. Just make it your goal to be you, to please your fashion needs (not others) and to be comfortable and CLASSY in your outfit, no matter how much it costs or where it came from. So I picked out my favorite maxi skirt, put on time thick tights, boots, a long sweater and a long scarf. *Viola* I got just what I wanted. Practical, warm, and was able to wear my skirt! Not to mention the outfit is weird, doesn’t match, and so me!

“Price has nothing to do with style. Sometimes the least expensive things are more amusing or more witty. And if you put them together with things you have in your wardrobe you have a  smashing new look”. – Iris Apfel’s interview with Advanced Style

Advice #5:  Wear how you WANT to feel (not always how you feel)

Ahh for me, getting dressed is like playing dress-up!  If I am functioning on more than two hours of sleep,I feel like a 11 year old in her mothers closet all over again! Except I don’t have to put things back where I got them! *Pow* That one’s for you MOM. 😉

I also dress based on how I feel or how I want to feel. I say that because if I’m feeling “off” I make an extra effort to dress >on< point.

Wearing your outfit is a way of sharing your nonverbal thoughts with anyone who looks your way that day. -Maquita

Check point: This advice should not be used in order to satisfy ALL of your feelings. For an example,  if you are cold, and you want to feel hot, you SHOULD NOT dress with hardly any clothes on.  Maybe instead, take a hot shower, in your bathroom, with the curtain closed? 
Now back to your scheduled program….

Here are some examples of my moods and what I wear to match them:

Bohemian: Sometimes, I think Boho. Long, flowy, light weight and comfortable ( like the pictures posted here). Other times I think preppy. Collared shirt, khakis (fitted or boyfriend are my fave), and flats.


Rebel: I always throw on my “BECAUSE” wrist band (a band against Human Trafficking), some sort of leather, and usually red lips.


Diva: I get all dolled up simply because I’m either feeling uber confident or I’m down and need to feel uber confident 🙂  There’s too many examples to describe my choice, and it really depends on the day. But if I want to, I will wear stilettos & things that sparkle during my trip to Target or to brunch by myself (SEE Challenge #1 for “me” time ideas).

Today:I was annoyed with my hair and just was not feeling very pretty. So I pinned all of my hair back for a clean, slick, and classic look and wore a dark outfit, dark eye make-up, black pumps, and a nude lip.

When we find our own style, a boost of confidence comes with it. It’s something to be said about a woman that can express how she feels without a single word being spoken; boldly, beautifully and still maintains her class.

Advice #6: Rid the Rules

Leave your winter and summer clothes out in one place. Do not pack away all of your summer clothes in the Winter and vice versa.

If you

do not have enough room in your closet, it’s time to consign and get rid of somethings.


Let’s be real, only on TV should your “Big” buy you a bigger closet to fill with more stuff. -Me, a SATC LoverCarries-closet-SatC-2-2-611x343

Leave out the whites, the sheer tops, the jean shorts, and tanks!

Ultimately, you’ll want to keep out the items you can layer, items that are bright, long dresses, skirts, and light sweaters. Just because it’s cold and dark, doesn’t mean you should be too!(Photo Example: June 2013 on polished pistil.com)

Just make your own rules! But remember to keep them Polished.

celebrityfashion.com.auNow that your mind is opened, all your clothes are out, and that comfortable go to piece is tucked away, you now have the ability to find YOUR own style.
Play dress up, really. Don’t have time? Make sure to do whatever it takes to make time for YOURSELF and play a little dress up, girl!


Try on those boyfriend pants (or actually go steal his pants!) with a summery, sheer, bright top, add a dark, cozy blazer and a simple, but blinged, out necklace to finish it off.

Decide how you feel that day and what you feel like pulling off, and dress yourself around that.

Once you have found THE outfit that totally represents YOU send us an email with a picture of you wearing it to, info@polishedpistil.com for a chance to be featured on our site in June! Keep it classy.

(We are starting off with 3 ladies a month!) Submit here! 

Until then,

Stay Polished, Pistil


More about the outfit choice featured in this article: This is one of my favorite winter combos. A light weight, brown, long sleved, middrift sweater with a maxi-skirt. This maxi skirt is usually my go to skirt when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere and look somewhat presentable. This shade of  blue looks amazing on me so I try to have flexible pieces in this color. Who knew you could wear a maxi skirt in the winter? Arent you glad you didnt put that away in your summer trunk?!

To stay warm, I threw on some super thick tights, leg warmers, and some boots. I added a long scarf to go along with the flowy look of the skirt, and If its a really cold day, I throw on my coat! Now this is one of my young & hip, mom styles… It’s comfortable, practical and most importantly it’s ME.

Stay Polished Pistil,

Maquita Donyel


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