Did you know that as women, we have an entire month dedicated to us?

That’s 31 days of celebrating the fact that we were blessed with two “X” chromosomes instead of one “X” and a “Y”.

It exists, really! You can stop pinching yourself.


Not only that, but  internationally, there is a day called “International Women’s Day” where all day long women are recognized for their accomplishments, remembered for what they have done to impact the world, and showered with love and gifts from their loved ones.

Side-note (SN): Sound familiar?  Not quite Valentines Day yet not quite Mother’s day either? We were tricked here in the US. We have been swindled into allowing our “women” holidays to be combined! I mean they are getting V-day, Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day… & I want three too. *marks calendar* But that’s neither here nor there, so moving along…



Ladies we welcome you to March, Women’s History Month.

Women History Month’s theme this year is:

Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”.

We love it!

The idea of celebrating Women’s History started in the early 1900’s on March 8th, the day that was and still is, celebrated in Europe as International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day surfaced from the many women suffrage movements that swept across North America and Europe. It was done as an attempt to gain support for women’s suffrage across the globe. “Women’s Day” is still celebrated by many European countries today. In the 1970’s, the US declared the week of March 8th, Women’s History Week. Our week was finally expanded to Women History Month in the 1980’s.


To support this year’s theme, Polished Pistil is doing a giveaway. The winner will be announced during the release of our 2nd video.
If you belong to either of the categories mentioned above, Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), submit the information below to be placed in an raffle for a Polished Pistil giveaway.

You must include:

1. Your picture with a small paragraph explaining your connection to STEM (either by major, occupation, or strong interest).

2. A description of how you plan to use your relation to STEM to increase interest in science among girls and in women.

The best entry will be featured here, on our site and placed into a raffle for a Polished Pistil Giveaway. *gasp* Preettty AWESOME!

imageWe urge you to stay tuned and connected. March at Polished Pistil is going to be great and trust me, we will only get better.

As an all women organization dedicated to “Taking Back What’s Ours: Class Strength and Unity,” this month is absolutely one of our favorites. This month’s hot topics have been finalized and we are excited to share them with you every Wednesday and Saturday.  They are topics of which will require you to open your minds, your hearts, and your willingness to spark positive change in yourselves and in others.

Polished Pistil exists, because girls/women exist and the want for a better world exists. So never hesitate to email your topic requests and/or questions. As most of you know from the interviews we have conducted with you, all of the information and questions you send will remain anonymous unless requested otherwise.

So, feel free to email us (info@polishedpistil.com) about what you have done in your community to celebrate women’s history month or about any general questions that you have and would like us to address in a future article.

Be blessed and Stay Polished!


image2nd Pre-Launch Video: March 25, 2013
Official Launch Party: June 2013

“I Became a free woman when I decided to stop dreaming, freedom that is waiting for nothing .. and anticipation is a state of slavery” – Ahlam








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