Spring is here! Meaning warm weather and sunny days are rapidly approaching. This can only mean one of two things, either you are excited because those great hard earned legs finally get to make their season debut or you are dreading seeing what the holidays left under that sweater and those jeans. Either way; this article is for you!

This is not an article about being skinny or about the latest dieting tricks but instead this article, and every article from Polished Pistil, will encourage you to be the best version yourself. This includes a fit and healthy you.

Words like  “exercise” and “eating healthy” make many of us cringe. But let’s face it ladies, there is no way around these taboo terms.  Those seemingly simple words affect so many aspects of our lives. Exercise and eating healthy influence things like blood pressure, cholesterol, and a host of other medical conditions. The two even impact stress levels, self-image, self esteem, lifespan, our style of dress (as we may sometimes feel restricted in our clothing), and even how we cope and recover from crisis such as break-ups. This list could really go on.

With that said, it should go without mentioning that exercise and eating healthy cannot be compromised! No, I’m not saying that any of us should go to such extremes as to eliminate a food group or develop any radical habits, but instead we should educate ourselves on healthier food choices, fitness regimens and commit to that knowledge with a conscious effort.

Here is usually when our minds start to bombard us with a million reasons why the idea of a healthy lifestyle isn’t feasible… Truth is that some of us will commit to living healthier while throwing away every excuse.  While others will not. The only difference between the aforementioned is WILL POWER. We all have will power, but like any other muscle we have it must be strengthen. The only way to stregthen it is by putting it to use for greatness.

Here at Polished Pistil we will share every ounce of knowledge that we possibly can about fitness and healthy eating so that you can reap all of the benefits that come their practice.

We challenge you to dig deep to find that motivation! Lets talk to each other and share our stories, progress, and fitness pics for inspiration!

Below are listed few helpful tips to get started.

Gym or No Gym

First thing that comes to mind when we think of fitness is the gym. Although the gym is a great place to go for equipment that we might not otherwise have access to it’s not the only way to exercise. Some of us are better suited for classes like spinning, zumba, and Pilates that are sometimes offered at local recreations centers. Others who really like nature and scenery might be motivated by activities like hiking, sports, and swimming. There are still those of us who like to engage in organized events like racing. Did you know most towns and cities have numerous races throughout the year where you only pay a small entrance fee? These races can be anywhere from 3k to a full marathon. There are also ladies that are able to work out to fitness dvd’s in the comfort of their homes.

As you can see, there is something for all of us. Just find out what works for you.



It may seem waste to buy new clothes and shoes right before we see any change but many times it’s quite the contrary. New fitness attire can be another motivational force. Have you ever seen a lawyer in the courtroom in sweats and a tee shirt? Like so, ourselves or anyone else wouldn’t take us seriously if we just haphazardly ended up in a fitness environment looking as if we belonged someplace else. We should look like we have purpose just as we should live with purpose. Appropriate attire allows you to take yourself seriously as a committed runner or swimmer etc. It also serves as an investment; after all, no one wants to quit after investing something into it.

Due to the recent barrage of neon colors placed in every fashion magazine; it probably comes to no surprise to you that the colors you choose to wear can be inspiring.  For instance I usually choose these brilliant colors for my work out attire because they send positive emotion over me about exercising. When I feel gloomy, dull, and unmotivated my bright colors give me a little boost of energy and excitement.



Shoes are a great investment for more practical reasons. There are shoes for softball, running, weight training, hiking, and every other activity that one can name. Having the right shoes are essential as they aid in comfort, stability and longevity. There are many athletic departments and shoe stores to buy all of these different types of footwear but when you go try and speak to someone that specializes in that area. In some athletic departments the staff will ask to see an older pair of your shoes to determine the appropriate shoe for you as they examine the tread and wear on the old shoe. Then they will make an appropriate recommendation based upon that and some other assessments. A bonus to owning a pair of proper footwear is the super cute and colorful ones that are available now to match any personality. In a way, they can serve as a little fashion accessory.

Workout Partners

Some of us will be motivated and go from 0-60 all on our own while others of us may need constant urging. This urging can come through the form of a workout partner. Workout partners will hold us accountable, keep us consistent and push us when we feel like quitting. Always look for people that are likeminded about fitness, dedicated and maybe even a step ahead of where you are that way you don’t end up with a workout partner that leaves you with more bad habits and a unused gym membership.


Sometimes the entire issue on what to eat and what not to eat can be really frustrating but I encourage you to start by getting a healthy cook book for quick meals. Simply limiting fast food consumption, adding water in place of sugary drinks, and watching your portions can be a great starting point.

What is discouraged however, are diets that limit you to 500 calories and insane numbers like it.These types of faddish diets aren’t sustainable and can really do more harm than good. Instead, incorporate vegetable, whole grains, fruit (for those with a sweet tooth like me), and lean proteins.

As we venture out on our voyage of getting to our healthy selves, we will share awesome recipes, websites, and tips on healthy eating and how to eat healthy without draining our bank accounts.

Stay polished ladies, this will be good and worth it!

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