My name is Maquita, and I WANT to live a healthy life, but I just love eatingโ€ฆ EVERYTHING!!

So thisย  30 days of fitness “mumbo jumbo” has been implanted in my head every since I saw the beautiful Lala and her killer results (see her Instagram here!). I watched how her meal choices changed right along with her body and thought, I want that too!

But I have one big issueโ€ฆ
have yet to meet someone with a sweet tooth as bad as mine.

Even my mother calls me her “Sugar Baby”.ย  I could eat sweets for every meal of the day if I had to (something I have yet to reveal to my 4 year old). But I do not want to live this way forever, I really wish I could turn off my sweet tooth tomorrow! (Notice I didn’t say today)

While I enjoy that I am able to get away with these eating habits and still maintain a decent enough figure, decent is not and has never been good enough.

Living this way is preventing me from achieving my goal of becoming the “ultimate me”.

Shouldn’t we all be pushing ourselves to be great?
Although my sweets are quite the comfort bug, I feel that these lifestyle choices are average, complacent and are the easy way out. Average, complacent, and easy are three things that I am not! So I’m thinking it’s time I prove that in every aspect of my life.

I want to live a long, strong, healthy life and bring back my high school 6 pack. I want a positive lifestyle change for me and for the little girl that uses my every move to dictate her future ones.

Getting Started:

Lala’s fitness plan appears to be based off ofย I have been reluctant to sign up for their program simply because I noticed the many requests on their Facebook page inquiring about canceling their membership.

With that said, I decided to recruit some friends and create a 30 days of fitness on my own!

Every day starting July 8, 2013, we (or even just I if the chicken out) will work out for 30 days straight. In that time I plan to break my sweet tooth habits and trade them in for some healthier ones.

Whether my friends chicken out on me or not, I promise I am sticking to it this time.

So be sure to check back here, under the “Fitness” to check my/our progress, meal choices, and goofy pictures working out. You should also follow our instagram page, @PolishedPistil, but understand that everything will not be posted there!

If you would like to follow along to see if I really stick to it, feel free! If you want like to join in, email us at with your name, email, and lifestyle goal.

I plan to not only look amazing just in time for my big 25th, but to become one stop closer to becoming the “ultimate me”.

Join me or follow our journey!


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