Advice for SinglesAdvice for the single man:

    1. Have the courage to approach her
      (not via text, written note, your friend or smoke signal)
    2. Be a gentleman
      (come correct, and make sure what you have to say will be worth her wild)
    3. Be yourself
      (Because most girls, even though they won’t admit it out loud, can read most of what your saying through how your saying it. Most of us were blessed with those talents, so just make it easier for the both of us and be yourself. Either it will work out or it wont.





Advice for the single woman

The Good ol' Days

  1. Have the Courage to Turn Him Down 
    (Stop making excuses for why you should accept the offer. Not every offer is meant to be accepted)
  2. Do Not Force a Connection That is Not There 
    (if your mind starts wandering off into all the things you can make him become, STEP AWAY. No, RUN away before you are caught up with someone else’s destined love. That is not fair to you or to him. )
  3. Be Yourself 
    (you want him to be interested in YOU, not your alter ego, and certainly not your insecurities. If he’s not jumping and leaping hoops for YOU as you are, then it is not meant to be.)
Remember you posses the power to set the tone for the relationship. What ever you deal with in the beginning, expect to deal with for the remainder of the relationship; because more than likely, no one is going to change themselves for someone else. So when things happen that you don’t like, don’t blame them, learn to not ignore it in the beginning, cut your loses and move on 🙂 

Stay Polished Pistil,

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