The Low Knot

Just when I was about ready to bury the “low pony” 6 feet under, I come across this! You see,Β I’m all about styling my little one’s hair in high ponies and high messy buns. Quite frankly, I thought low buns were a bit boyish.Β But this low knot, Β my fellow pistil, turned out to be anything but “boyish”.

So with that concern of out the way, there was only one concern that remained.

Exactly how long does it take to recreate this low knot?

Because truth be told, not many of us have time to do something chic to our hair every morning. So I tried out my own version of a low knot with mini. It took a record setting 5 minutes to do! (For the pictures of her low knotΒ visit our “Random-Like” page next week.)

Be sure to try out this Summer 2013 look and send in pictures for us to see (and possibly share)!




Stay Polished Pistil,

Maquita Donyel


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