So I have noticed this quote going around quite a bit…


If I reworded this in a way that I could fully understand, it would sound like this:

 “A woman that does not ask for things that she desires, would like to have or what she needs most certainly deserves to get all of those things”.

Gotcha! Ok, so meaning if I don’t make any “requirements” or demands on a person, myself, a man, job, friend etc. or make them aware of where I stand in my position, place, or relationship, they should therefore be thankful for the lack of “worrying” for lack of better words, and bless me with “everything”? Right?

Ok ok, got it… So I just have one question.

Is there a man, woman, job, or dream that is in fact able personally deliver the man we want, the type of relationship we expect to have , people that automatically respect us, and then give us our dream job without us having to ask, work for, or demand any of these things?

If there is, do they fall in my price range of Free-$100? Because I have been wanting a mind reader/deliverer for a very long time.



My prospective is quite the opposite of this quote. I would have to side with something more on the lines of this:


I believe that open, honest and sometimes frequent COMMUNICATION is absolutely necessary in any relationship (job, personal, friendship, family, self).


PolishedPistil-MadonnaIf we don’t stand up for our dreams, family, nor our self, who else will?

Therefore, I believe that someone that not only “asks” but that also works, demands, practically fights for the things, people, dreams they want, are the people that deserve “everything”.  As women, our willingness to stand up for ourselves and for what we believe, our willingness to demand respect and to fight wholeheartedly for the people we love, the dreams we envision and the things we want THIS is something to be rewarded.

The basic principal of working hard to get what you want seems to be thrown out of the window with this popular quote.

There are plenty of women and people that are currently fighting, working and ASKING for what they want; and in result are getting it. So the choice is yours; you can either wait on the sidelines in hopes that the respect you deserve just happens, that you boyfriend will just marry you, that you will just get that promotion/dream job. OR you can ask, EARN/DEMAND/GRASP everything.

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it
John 14:12-14

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