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Joclyn Palucho

by: Maquita Donyel

There she sits in her home of  blue walls and California sun,  greeting me with a big “Hiiiii!!”


Who would have known she had just returned home from completeing finals.

“One more class and I am done for the summer!” 

 August 2011, a month after her 22nd birthday,  Joclyn Palucho of Alexandria, Virginia decided that moving across town was a move too small to make.  So, she packed all of her things into a car and traveled across country to her new home, Los Angeles California.

“Before I moved here (Los Angeles) I didn’t really have a set goal. I didn’t have the mindset ‘I’m going to do this [move to LA] for myself,’  I just wanted to get out of Alexandria”. 

After three days of traveling, there she was living in the beautiful Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. She had a new place, new friends, and no job.


Taking any job she could get at that moment, she became  an Extra. (Extras appear in the background of film, television, commercials and music videos).

As an extra, she was apart of tv shows “Last Man Standing”, “90210”, and “Pretty Little Liars”.

It was as an extra that she discovered her love for acting and the territory that came with it.

“While taking my singing,dancing and acting classes, I just got that feeling. The feeling when you just know this is what you’re supposed to do. [Once] I got the feel of what it was like on set and I got to see behind the scenes I just loved it! [Being an extra] “

As if moving across country into new and unfamiliar territory all the while becoming an actress wasn’t enough, she decided to continue her education as well.

395231_10150653305250853_1909871905_n“It is my ultimate goal, right now, to graduate. I think education is very important. It’s not just important to complete for the satisfaction of your parents [or anyone else], but for yourself. A lot of the things you learn [in school]you need in life; its important to be [knowledgeable]. I love to learn, it’s hard but I learn a lot more about myself while I’m in school”.

After talking about the brave moves she had made so far, I was curious to know, “Do you fear anything?? You know, like the rest of us? If so, what keeps you motivated?”

“Doubt. I sometimes allow that feeling of doubt to cross my mind. I start to think I’m not good enough. But then when I see everything I am that everyone else is not, I say ‘No, I got this’. I see something special in myself that God has blessed me with”.

She continues:

Joclyn as one of the lost boys in Peter and Wendy
Joclyn as one of the lost boys in Peter and Wendy

“I feel like everything I am putting into [my dream] will eventually pay off. This whole journey, this whole struggle, everything that I’ve been praying for and worked for, once it becomes a reality it will all just be so sweet. That motivates me.”

After a very positive and inspirational chat about her dreams of being an actress/dancer/singer, her dreams of doing humanitarian work in her mother’s home country El Savador and her dreams of helping children, like her nephew, with special needs, I asked her perspective on what she felt we could all work on as women.

“I honestly can say that as women we sometimes get distracted with love. As women we need to educate ourselves more, be more indepdendent. A lot of us depend on our boyfriends or our husbands. We should be able to handle our own as our husbands wont always be there. You have to love yourself more than anybody before you can love someone else”.


When asked what did she feel we need to work on as women in relation to each other, she replied:

“We need more people and women that want to inspire other women. We need more women to appreciate other women. Instead of a competing or breaking down women, we need to encourage other women. We need more women that uplift other women. Each person is unique and we need to learn to appreciate that”. 

While there were many other things I could have added to this fun and inspiring interview we conducted with Joclyn, I will leave you with this:

Joclyns is bold and brave in her decision to leave a familiar and comfortable place to take on a new one. She shows class and strength in her consistent optimistic outlook on life despite the daily hurdles she must face. Her willingness to conquer her dreams and goals is inspirational.

And most importantly, her plan to use her talents in order to make a difference in the life of others are all the things that earned her spot as, July 2013‘s Pisitl of the Month.

So be inspired, and know that you too can take on the world and accomplish your goals! Why? Simply because you are the only person on this earth that has been equipped the way you have.



Stay Polished Pistil

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