Janelle “Jane” Monae is at in again, “getting down” in her own unique way and encouraging others to do the same. This time, however, dressed in all white with her hair down.

Check out her latest video “Dance Apocalyptic” above and read the full emotion picture treatment written by Chuck Lightningย here or by clicking on the image below! ย 

Ms. Monae’s Album is set to release September 10, 2013.


ย “Itโ€™s so pretty and nice, and it makes it seem okay. I couldn’t wait when I was a little girl to grow up and wear one. Then I realized itโ€™s really just a cage. A cage with birds in it. Thatโ€™s all it is.”

Janelle Monae

A Short Film Written By Chuck Lightning
(with some additional funky sunshine by director Wendy Morgan)


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