day 2-din

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Yesterday I had a hard time convincing myself to workout.

Iย know, two days in and I was already over it.

I was exhausted, sore, and just wanted to REST.

So you can see why initially, I accepted my every day excuses with open arms:

“But Maquita, ย you could use this time to clean”. (Never did)ย OR

“You can use this time to take a quick nap! Then you will have more energy to do more later”! (Nap never came)ย OR

“You can just get your bottom off of the couch, force yourself to put on your shoes.. and just workout”!

ding ding ding we have a winner!!

So with the fitness part out of the way,ย onto the best part of the evening…

WARNING:ย If you know a bit about me and you are known to faint when overwhelmed or surprised, I suggest you take a seat before reading the next two words…


I know, I know. Me EXCITED about making dinner??

Let me explain:

For those that do not know me, to have said thatย I despise DESPISED cooking,ย would’ve be an understatement.



AHH but this Fitness, or healthy lifestyle, challenge has me excited about trying new dishes (especially when they come out like the looking like the picture on the recipe). Plus, my little-big blessing is totally into this new lifestyle change!ย She worked out with me the day before yesterday and ASKED me if she could help with dinner last night. When I said yes, she literally had a moment of screaming and shouting with excitement (no, really check my IG).

Other than the excitement of trying a new dish, I had no idea how much bonding occurs with a mom and daughter in the kitchen.

*Mostly due to the fact that as a child I purposely avoided being in the kitchen at all costs. Not even then did I enjoy cooking outside of my play kitchen.

We were able to chat about our days, I was able to teach her about measurements and we really enjoyed sharing the meal we made together.

A healthy dinner, nice workout, and a fun night of cooking with my daughter…

Looks like I am getting more out of this challenge than I imagined!

Hopefully I can say the same about my abs in 28 days!

Happy working out and eating healthy!!

Stay Polished Pistil ๐Ÿ˜‰


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