July 22, 2013, Kate & William welcomed Prince George Alexander Louis.

While many of us were just happy to finally hear GOOD news in the media, others just couldn’t want to see the baby! Well, and what Kate would wear. ๐Ÿ˜€

What I like most about Kate’s attire choices? They are modern, young, elegant and very practical! Practical in the sense that you can find something very similar for a price within your own budget.

Kate paid her respects to Princess Diana wearing a light, slightly flowy, polka dot dress. However, notice how ย Kate & William appear to be more “like us”. Kate’s wears her dress a bit more form fitting and slightly above the knee. Prince William wears his collared shirt unbuttoned with his sleeves rolled up. Very different than the his father, pictured to the right in the 1982 picture.

Looking to find a dress similar to Kate’s? Check out that gallery below! Check out the gallery to see more pictures of Kate & William looking “like us” as well. Such a fun couple.

Stay Polished Pistil and Congratulations Kate & William!!


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