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This article came about because sharing is caring of course 😀

and because…

When I wear my head scarf, three things usually happen:

Fotor07261015551. I’m told “I wish I could wear a scarf like that”

2. I am asked “How do you do that??”

3. I asked “Where did you get your scarf?”

I am here to tell you that:


2. YOUTUBE & a lot of trial and error

3. Consignment stores and Thrift Shops :))

About 8 months ago, I had no idea how to wear a scarf! This is other than wrapping my hair at night of course, but I really wanted to learn!

Then during a business trip to Richmond, I discovered a Boutique and Consignment shop.

The day I walked in they HAPPENED to have about 20 scarves and HAPPENED to have just marked them down to about $2.00 a piece.

It was meant to beeeee *dramatic sigh*

Once I got home, I found myself with tons of cute scarves and no idea how to tie them! I “googled” away. That’s when I came across Naptural85, a natural hair/beauty tips youtuber. I hadn’t heard of her until that very day, however she has a very large following on youtube. She’s gives very helpful  tips and tutorials on all things hair. Not to mention she absolutely adorable and fun to watch!

So here you go! 10 Ways to Tie a Silk Head Scarf with Naptural85


Stay Polished Pistil,

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