At age 9, during a modeling rehearsal for a fashion show, I would sit in with the adults and watch them rehearse. For this particular show, two ladies had to perform a choreographed dance to a variety of TLC songs. After watching them for a few days, I memorized the entire dance, performed it for them and begged them to allow me to do it with them. My mom was NOT having that, so that story ends there πŸ™‚

I’m sure most of us R&B lovers, especially the ladies, have endless memories and special moments connected to TLC and their music.

Stories of you and your friends each taking on a role of either Chilli, T-boz or Left-eye in “No Scrubs”. Stories of road trips while playing their

“CrazySexyCool” CD, stories of how old you were when you discovered that they were wearing condoms all over, and not balloons or candy in “What About Your Friends”. Stories of how “Waterfalls” taught you early on to RAP IT UP (or never unwrap it in the first place).

If you were really lucky, you may even have stories of what it was like to see them perform live. Or more heartbreaking Β stories of where you were the very moment it was announced that Let-Eye had passed.

VH1 releasing this movie makes for mixed emotions for sure. Β Β 


CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, will be interesting to watch. Not only because it’s about TLC, but because the women of TLC are so irreplaceable. To see women acting as them, and doing it well, is a bit difficult to imagine! Keke Palmer as Rozanda ChilliΒ Thomas, Drew Sidora as Tionne T-boz Watkins and Lil Mama at Lisa Left Eye Lopez, have awfully large shoes to fill and I hope they know the critics will be out.

Never-the-less I’m so excited to see these women as TLC, I’m so excited to relive memories connected to their songs Β and i’m so excited that VH1 will be releasing it this fall!

Check out the trailer above!


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