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J’Nell Jordan

by: Maquita Donyel


Beautiful souls smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing in colors so warm that you’re instantly attached. You’re instantly able to recall a moment in your life very similar to the one in that very painting. (Or at least are thinking of ways to now create a moment like one). 

“Party People,” only the first of many collections that are yet to come created by J’Nell Jordan of  Paintings by J’Nell Jordan.

“I’ve been painting and drawing since I could probably speak,” she laughs, “So I’ve always been creating and have enjoyed doing that.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10

J’Nell, a humble and sweet native Northern Virginian and Adelphi University (New York) graduate is determined to share her gifts with the world.

Unlike many stories of those that dream to become artists, she was blessed to have much support from the very time she mentioned she wanted to be an artists.

“I just have not pictured myself being anything other than an artist”.

We are thankful for that!

While she’s always known where she wanted to end up, her journey was anything but predictable.

JNell Jordan

“God works in mysterious ways. I graduated four years ago and got my bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. I started doing this subject matter my senior year. I chose Adelphi because, well they gave me a nice scholarship! It wasn’t my first pick at all. I think it was my last pick actually. But, it was the best education I could have EVER gotten. The best faculty, best fellow students…I’m just so glad that I went there. I wouldn’t be the same artist or the same person had I not gone to Adelphi.”

Now back in Northern Virginia, thanks to the steep costs of living in New York, she’s able to make a living as an artist and focus on the things that matter to her the most: family, friends, love and creating a positive impact on  anyone she comes into contact with. Although she says she has not quite figured out how to balance it all saying “I don’t have time for anything,” it helped to have  an extremely supportive group of friends and family.

“Its important to find people that love you for you. I mean that in friends and everything else. Make sure you keep them close around.”


Now, she’s able to focus wholeheartedly on her craft.

“I’m young, now is the time to work hard in ways that many do not, so that I can live the rest of my life exactly how I want to.” She laughs, “I think I read that somewhere…but its true!”

When asked what her ultimate goal was, she replied,

“To share my talents and my gifts with the world; and not even the entire world. I wouldn’t mind if I did not become a famous artist, thats never been my goal. More recently its more about sharing my gifts with the people around me and the people I come in contact with. I want to change their world a little bit while they change mine in return. That is how I would love to live. Everyone is here [on earth] giving gifts and talents and we don’t know why necessarily. But I think the worst thing you can do is be on this earth and cover your gifts and keep them to yourself. Your’e supposed to share it; thats why God gave them to you, to change other peoples lives with them. So my ultimate goal would be to change someone with my art work.”


Overwhelmingly encouraged by her words, unafraid attitude and joyful spirit, I found there were so many things to like about

this woman! Realizing that we all have a journey and a story to overcome, I had to know how did she stay motivated and prevent life’s wonderful happenings from detouring her off of her path.

“I’m usually optimistic. I’m usually happy about things and don’t let things weigh me down. When its unfortunate, I find a solution deal with it and then get over it. I do what I have to do. Plus, I would rather focus on the light, small things that make you happy… very anti-drama”.

As women, she felt we could,

299486_658619145156_1757245984_n (1)“compliment one another and be more uplifting to one another. When I saw the Polished Pistil launch I just

thought ‘this is wonderful’. We should learn to love each other, not be catty and forget all of the drama. All the TV shows that are on, my friends and family aren’t like that. People think that we (women) are supposed to be like that and we shouldn’t. We have a lot more in common with one another than we think. It’s important to not

focus on what we’re going through and think about what the next woman or human being is going through as well. We have to give love, just give love”


For those of us that are not exactly sure what we want to do, she advices you to

jnell painting“put your hands into everything! Find where your strengths are and you weaknesses are and find what you are good at. A lot of times we have to find out why we are different. We grow up feeling awkward or different without realizing that pretty much everyone feels that way. So just love yourself and embrace the things that you are. And find people that love you for you.”

J’Nell Jordan was chosen as our August 2013, Pistil of the Month because of her strong yet forever giving heart, her unafraid attitude towards chasing her dreams, her admirable sense of class and her love for helping others become better individuals. She’s a Polished Pistil, indeed.

In the next five years, she plans to not only be working full-time as an artist but also to take part in even more nonprofit, commission paintings and live painting shows. Her nonprofit commission paintings involve creating a painting that represents the nonprofit’s mission and then allowing the the nonprofit to host a fundraiser for the painting.

She has done live paintings at events, birthday parties, anniversaries and other parties.

Check out the live painting she did of me below!

That painting was apart of her “Terrifying, Strange, and Beautiful” collection based on the poem “For Woman that are Difficult to Love” by the London poet, Warshan Shire.


To read more about those paintings, and many others, AND to get your pretty, little hands on them, visit J’Nell’s website I hear she takes special requests!


Stay inspired. Stay Classy. Stay Strong. Stay United.

Stay Polished Pistil


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