It’s rainy here in Hampton Roads and once again I’m without rain boots.ย 

I don’t like rain boots, I would hate to have them in every color- said NO WOMAN EVER!

Although I wish I had many rain boots in MANY colors,ย every time I set out to ย purchase a pair I end up leaving the store with a pair of leather boots, flats, or pumps instead. Just seems more practical.

You know what would help my decision? Finding cute ones for a reasonable price!ย 

I have no shame in saying my budget does not easily match my taste; it takes a lot of work to make those two work together! ย However, it has also taught me how to value deals, sales, thrifting, budgeting etc. in order to find things I love for reasonable prices.

With that said, I’ve compiled a list places to find cute & affordable ย rain boots. Take a look below, tell me what you think and enjoy puddle splashing in this beautiful summer rain <3

Stay Polished Pistil




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