maquitadgm6*Excuse me while I scream*

It’s finally here! My 25th birthday!!Β 

So after a very busy, overwhelming yet awesome start to 2013… I wanted to take time to reflect and bring simplicity back into my life.

Initially, I just wanted to have a birthday with 4-5 days all by my self. No friends, no family, just me, my thoughts, and God.

Although so much has already changed, I wanted (and want)Β more change, more inner growth, more sincerity and more love in my life. I felt that a few days of ME TIME was what I needed in order to take a deep look at myself and the things I could improve upon, leave the same, or get rid of.

One of my brother’s once said

“If you’re always ready, you never have to worry about getting ready,”

and I wanted to be sure that I was ready for everything God has planned coming my way.

HOWEVER, one of my lady jewels insisted that I have Β just ONE girls night of celebrating and then I could have the rest to myself. πŸ™‚

After a very convincing argument, Β I chose a simple celebration only inviting a handful of friends. It was such a success that I wanted to share it!!

Indoor Movie Night <3


photo 3 (1)This could be used for birthdays, girls night, guys night (bromance style), couples night, or even a “Just Because” night! Whatever the occasion, with a dark room, few candles, a good movie, and a few touches of your own, it will be a night to remember!

One thing I learned during this ME time, was that not everything needs a monumental REASON behind it. I’m so big on making sure there’s a significant purpose behind everything I do, it was a hard to believe that sometimes it’s ok to do something, responsibly, Β simply because it make’s you happy. No other reason!

With that said, my particular theme started off as “Old Hollywood” and then was morphed into a “Random Things I like” movie night. I love flowers, candles, cozy atmospheres, trying new things (moonshine) and lots of junk (twizzlers, oatmeal pies, heath bars). The movie I chose was “Think Like a Man”. It was chosen only because I love LOVE, I love to laugh, I felt my girls would enjoy it and I love a plot with “lifelessons” involved.

photo 5

I purchased the least expensive projector I could find via ebay (yep, no shame) and put a sheet up on the largest free wall that I had in my living room. To create a cozy atmosphere, I made sure there were plenty of pretty and warm colored pillows, blankets, candles and comfy, large seating.
I WAS going to go with the Tee-pee, but opted to use it for a night with mini and I instead. I wanted to keep this a bit more “grown up”.. you know… like 25 year olds SHOULD DO, I guess. πŸ™‚Β My personal touches were the coke-a-cola glass cups filled with candy (dollar store purchases), the moon shine I received as a gift, Β my favorite way to confess my love for food “Yummers”, and gold cups as opposed to the infamous “red cups” (party city).

Check out the pictures below and make a movie night of your own!! Let me know when you do! I’d love to post the pictures here.

Thank you to everyone for their part in making this birthday celebration so flipping amazing. My friends that couldn’t be here (because you guys all moved away *wah* and the ones that could! My mother <3 and my lovely mini *crown emoticon goes here*. My family, and friends that called, texted, prayed, commented, and posted their love. Thank you!! <3 My celebrating ISNT over, and is has already been amazing!!



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