Forbidden Topic Wednesday: Running Wild

By: Maquita Donyel

“It begins with your own awakening, your own desire for a life that’s not just lived on the surface but is rich and deep and high and wide. For sure, that’s how I want to live.” – Oprah

Feel a tight knot in your stomach every time you think of THAT THING ??

You know, the thing you’ve been putting off for days, weeks or even months either because you’ve been dreading it or because you’re subconsciously just afraid to start (or stop) it?

You’d find anything else you “need” to do but that. Make excuses of why you should just stay right where you are even when you know it’s not where you NEED to be?

You want to progress, but this spot just feel so incredibly comfy.

Yep… I’ve so been there. Actually, I was there just 2 days ago! The day before, and the day before that. And you want to know where not taking that step eventually led me?


running wild-l

Overwhelmed  with a list of things to do, left with one empty “Gotta Have It” Cake and Shake and one glass of wine.

Where this eventually led me:

Needless to say, my procrastination and unwillingness to take that next step led to a very painful kick in the behind. One that I was not quite ready for. One that required a little bit of “Happy Place” time. 🙂

Then after my “Happy Place” ended… I bawled, screamed and in my most “polite” & loud voice , asked God to please hold my hand and take me through. I’m ready; just hold my hand and take me through. [truestorybro… I just admitted that I had a temper tantrum speaking to God. Thats love.] shame

The funniest part about this entire ordeal is: This is self inflicted frustration.

That’s usually how it goes though right? Have that paper to write… but  you wait until a couple hours before its due? Then you’re pulling your hair out promising yourself you wont do it again? Have an entire house to clean..but you wait until 2 hours before your hubby comes home to get up and get it done? Buusstteddd 😉

Prayer & The Next Big Step:

You see, I’ve been praying for the next big step in my life. I’ve prayed about removing those that will prevent me from getting there, I’ve prayed to allow those that have my best interest enter my life, and I’ve prayed for the signal…the “when” to take that next big step.

And while sometimes this “next big step” prayer is simply about motivating me to fold my laundry….

This time it was about change.

And while it is important to “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

I’m not talking about inner change, this time around.

I’m speaking of something more like… life changing, change: Running Wild.

The kind of change that makes you go  full blown after your dreams, type of change .  Diving into the unknown, risking everything that remains in your comfort zone, type of change.

While “the comfort zone” is quite comfortable and losing it can be a bit intimidating, why should we end our journey here? Simply because it’s familiar?

“He never lets us get comfortable, it’s always about..what can we do he pushes us to do better. I look forward to these moments of not knowing whats going to happen next”.- Band member for Jay Z speaking about Jay Z

So, let’s not sit here, frozen as everything we prayed for continues to happen right before our eyes…

As I sit here  excited about what’s to come yet  nervous about it at the same time, complacency is not an option. It’s not an option  for me and it shouldn’t be for you either. You’re too special to be complacent; too gifted, too wonderfully made. 

About “Running Wild”: (nothing to do with the German heavy metal band)

An old friend once shared a quote with me about running free & being untamed. He said it made him think of me.

Thinking since I practically have no choice anyway,

I think it’s time that WE all begin to Run Free. Begin Running Wild. 

Wild in the sense that you are taking your future into your own hands and removing it from someone else’s hands.

Wild in the sense that you are not restricted by a box, neighborhood, nor country… you are free, to follow the steps that God has laid out for you.

Wild in the sense of free 🙂

If you are here with me… join me in taking the leap, the jump, the sky dive..into the unknown.

We could even start with baby steps! A little bit a a time, I will force myself to accept these WONDERFUL yet risky changes.. because I no longer want Him to force me! *pouts*


First course of action for me? Writing this article on a Monday night..instead of Wednesday! 😀


Tell me what you’re afraid to change and how you plant o change it! Need a kick in the behind with a smiling face to do it??

I’m just the girl for the job!!

I love smiling…and kicking 😀 hehe

And as always, anonymity is the best policy 😀

Stay Polished Pistil

Maquita Donyel, Forever Running Wild


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