Before ย Ciara, Rihanna, and Elle Varner…before Beyonce made it big. There was Aaliyah <3

I’ll never forget this day. Never forget when my mother called me early that morning to tell me she has passed.

I was at a girl friend’s house and I literally did not believe my mom when she told me. I looked it up online like…seriously?! A spoof this large just isn’t right. So then we turned on the TV..there it was all over the news.

When she died, it felt like I a literally lost a close friend. My best friend and I cried for DAYS; no exaggeration.

You see, I was right at the age where people that look like you and act like you on TV… you want to be similar too. The age were boy bands were you future husbands and female artists, dancers, and entertainers were just your girls on TV.

Memorized every dance move, song lyric, and performed them with your friends for your neighbors, family, or those that happened to be outside.

She was sweet, kind, talented, brown like me ๐Ÿ˜€ and flawless. Between her and Mya, I had established my favorite artist and women on TV.

Her ability to maintain a positive image and sincerity while still being heard, inspired me. Her sincereness didn’t appear to be a performance, it was felt in everything she put out.

I could never explain why this day touches me every year like it does…I can’t explain why I was and still am so hurt that she is not here on this earth.

I cant help to wonder how different things had she still been here.

Stay Classy. Stay You. Run Wild. Stay Polished Pistil

-Maquita Donyel


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