[Lol it’s absolutely hilarious calling the 2013 VMAs casual. I know, just keep reading]

In the past I have done a “Polished Pistil’s Favorite Moments” to recap a show. However, I must admit it took me a while to write this article because I am JUST NOW able to get over the Shocking Events at the VMAs. Yep, took me an entire 2 days.

Β I’d hate to bore you with my new found love for JT (after the Janet incident) and how much I hope Nsync is doing a world tour soon! [pure excitement]

With that being said, did anyone notice how casual a few people were this year at the VMAs?

Although this is not the Grammys, and there were still many gowns to be seen, there were a few ladies that chose pants (or jeans), a simple dress, or a dresses short enough to get a look at their foot gear.

Whatever the reason, check out the pretty “cajj, cazh, cash” outfits below. I snuck in a few gowns as well.

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