Experienced my only child having heading off to her first day of Kindergarten today.


It was rough!!

But, through this experience I was reminded, (again), that time stops for no one.

We should make sure we’re not saying “Oh, I’ll do better tomorrow. I’ll get to it tomorrow.” We need to do it today!

Don’t let excuses and life’s events hold you back from your dreams, desires, a better you and true happiness.

Whether it is to spend more time with your family, get healthy, start a business, or make a big move… start TODAY.

Your friends need you to do it today, your family needs you to do it today and the world needs you to do it today. Find a way to commit to yourself and do it today.

Take risks. Spread love. Run Wild.

Stay Polished Pistil.

PS. Happy Redskins Football Monday!! πŸ˜€


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