911.pngSitting in the ever, so uncomfortable, black, airport chair in a jeans/tee combo on a gorgeous day in Pittsburgh, PA. It was September 8, 2013.

Across from me sat an older, sweet couple and to the left of me sat an older, and equally as sweet, woman. Overpowering the conversation between both of them and the coos of a 6 month old baby to my right, an announcement was made on the loud speaker:

“There is a dent in the plane in a critical area and you will not be boarding the plane on time. We will get back to you in 25 minutes with more details”.

There was a brief silence, and then the couple and the woman to my left began to talk.

“You know,” said the older woman to my left, “I have to fly back on September 11. I’m not worried, but I hate thinking about that day.”

As she recalls where she was during the attacks and how she felt watching it happen live on her television, I couldn’t help but to begin to do the same in my head.

“I never thought I would see the day that we were attacked on our own soil,” she finished.

Today, as we wake up, interact with others, and go about our day, I ask that we use today and every day going forward to show others love.

I had never seen so many strangers pull together despite of race, gender or religion in this country like I did in 2001.

Showing love to unfavorable people can be extremely difficult, oh trust me, I get it.

However, in order to honor those that lost their lives unfairly, those that risked their lives in order to saves other, and in honor of the people that have to deal with horrible crimes like this day to day… we must spread love.

Today, I pray that we take advantage of the opportunities presented to us today.

That we take advantage of the fact that we have LIFE and spread love in honor of those that are now without life.

Wishing each and every one of you a beautiful Wednesday full of love and strength.

We will never forget.

Stay Polished Pistil


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