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Polished Pistil is all about instilling class, strength and unity into the wonderful ladies walking this earth. But more so than sharing our knowledge, we are all about receiving your knowledge as well.

Below are the anonymous responses from 25 different ladies on what they were taught to do, and not to do, in order to maintain their faith, class, proper hygiene, self respect, and individuality.


Some of your mama’s are simply hilarious.

It’s time for some girl talk!

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Things Your Mama” Taught you:

Personal Affairs:

  • My mom always said what goes on in this house stays in this house. Meaning don’t go sharing to everyone the problems that are going on. This can be said for relationships as well. You don’t need to let the world in your business (I.e. posting your problems as your fb status). Some things should be left to the privacy of “home” and dealt with there.2002-afro-ponytail
  • Don’t: Tell your husband/wife/GF/BF everything, you must keep some stuff to yourself.
  • Don’t: Depend [solely] on a man, be a self sufficient, self providing women.
  • Do: Learn how to cook. Nothings more attractive than a woman who can throw down in the kitchen (especially when you can make your own recipe ha!).
  • Don’t buy a guy a pair off shoes.. They will walk right out your life with them … Lol should of listened
  • Do: (in dating) Be “unavailable” sometimes. Not to play games, but to remind him that your world does not revolve around him.
  • Do: Always be able to provide for yourself
  • You can never have too many shoes
  • The first man you love is most likely going to break your heart, it’s ok to trust a man but always protect yourself.
  • Do: Spend his and save yours
  • Don’t: go to bed angry with anyone
  • Don’t: rush being an adult


  • Do: Wear your bra as much as possible, only taking it off to sleep to prevent sagging boobies!
  • Don’t: Go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold
  • Do: keep a clean house
  • Don’t: let your bra straps show outside of your blouse or tank top!
  • Don’t: Go to sleep with dirty  underwear. You never know when there is going to be a fire and you have run out the house.tumblr_mbfittPKA41rai4sxo1_400
  • Do: Make sure you put some coco butter on your scars to make them fade.
  • Never leave the house with rollers in your head or slippers on your feet
  • Always keep your toes polished.
  • DO: Practice good hygiene, every lady should smell nice.
  • Always keep baby wipes with you.
  • Always wash behind your ears and under your neck.
  • Never wear ill fitting undergarments, it really does show.
  • Don’t: Leave your underwear in the middle of the floor even if its in your own room. Men do that not ladies.
  • Do: where your make up naturally.

Faith/Self Respect/Wisdom:

  • Russ Ann MooreNever forget where you came from
  • Don’t: Sell yourself short, confidence is the key.
  • Don’t: play house. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free
  • If you can make time to party sat night you can make time to make it to church Sunday morning
  • What ever you do it needs to be before 10pm because the only things that are open after that are legs. Lol.
  • If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all
  • Put some clothes on, leave something to the imagination
  • Don’t respond to whistling or car horns from guys, you’re not a dog and you’re not a jeep.
  • Don’t leave the house without putting soap and water on your body. “Hit the “hot spots” even if you don’t have time to take a full shower”
  • Never settle for anything you don’t believe in…if one person says no, find the next one who will tell you yes
  • Get to know your elders because they are full of wisdom
  • She taught me importance of tithing and great importance of feeding yourself good food. Balanced meals with mostly homemade components and farm fresh ingredients.
  • Do: Cross your legs at the ankle. “A lady never reveals what’s under her dress by all means”
  • Pray for everyone, even those who treat you badly
  • No sticking your middle finger out or ratchet photo poses

While You are Out:

  • Never leave your drink unattendedwpid24642-2_61
  • Do: behave yourself in a manner at that will represent me. People need to realize their actions are just a reflection of themselves but of their mother, their father and whomever else.
  • If you’re going to wear heels make sure you know how to walk in them.

Miscellaneous (Random Lady Stuff):

  • No saying words like, “aoooww” because that totally makes you a bird.
  • My mother’s motto: At all cost, remember, you’re a LADY!
  • Don’t: Wear tight high heels, you’ll get busted looking feet just to look pretty for a quick sec.
  • Do: Cross your legs at the ankle. A lady never reveals what’s under her dress by all means
  • Do: Walk gracefully with your head high and shoulders back.
  • My mama always said “Don’t slouch! You don’t want to look like a Camel when you’re 70
  • Don’t leave the house without lipstick.
  • Don’t get into a car with strangers.
  • If you go to someone’s house, don’t leave the house without telling them.
  • You’re not suppose to hit someone with a broom because it’s bad luck.

Said Most Often:

  • Wear clean underwear (FYI, this  was said 10 times in 10 different ways!!! LOL) Personal Favorite: put clean underwear on before you leave the house because you never know when you will end up in the emergency room. And you aren’t going to embrace me with dirty underwear.
  • Cross your legs (8 times)
  • Don’t put anything on facebook you wouldn’t want your Grandma to see. More of a lesson when I was older, but still applies. (5 times)
  • Never give a guy you like all of your attention (4 times)
  • Don’t leave house with your toenails unpainted (4 times)
  • Don’t leave the house without any earrings (2 times)

meandmama-polishedpistil-lI truly believe that maintaining a certain level of class and self respect will in turn demand the same respect from others. But sometimes it’s easy to fall victim to doing what’s “popular” because even if it isn’t the best thing to do, it’s accepted by the masses.

Yes yes, I know… none of us care about what other people think. We follow our own rules and as long as it makes us happy, it’s fine… right?? One question… are one of the things that makes you happy, getting attention even if it means revealing too much..even if it means getting negative attention? Eh, maybe…maybe not 😉

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