ThingsYourMamaTaughtYou-Men-PolishedPistilLast week I showed you MOST of the responses from 25 anonymous women on things their mother’s have taught them about being a lady of class. (Most, because some of your mama are too sassy for Polished Pistil! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

You can read Things Your Mama Taught You- Women Edition: HERE

Today, I will share with you the anonymous responses from a few men on things their mother’s taught them on being a man, respecting a woman, and on love. These are some pretty dope men with very smart mamas. Enjoy! <3



Do: Listen to women, their intuition is more keen than a man’s. (my favorite for obvious reasons)

Do: Hold the door open for every woman and child

Do: Be protective and respect women

Be open and understand [that] women are not as simple as us [and it] complements us perfectly.

Do: Understand that you dress for who you want to attract (woman, professional connection, etc.)

You don’t want a simple woman or a woman that thinks like you! You want her to be the perfect and intricate details of our master plan lol

Do: Treat your mother like a queen, and you will know how to treat the โ€œoneโ€ for you


Donโ€™t: Get it twisted, external beauty fades

LOVE THIS!!: Through experience I’ve learned women operate on a different wave length than men. This is not a bad thing (asย emotionally and spiritually with them. In my opinion, once a man is able to do this with his woman of choice, the more awesome the relationship will be.some men think). We experience life differently and it wasn’t until I was able to realize this was I able to better connect

Donโ€™t: Intentionally become a heart-breaker


Do: Be cautious with who you allow in your heart

Donโ€™t: Allow someone to take advantage of you

Do: Understand the value of a heart and a personality



Donโ€™t: Expect something you canโ€™t or arenโ€™t willing to offer yourself

Donโ€™t: Walk into someoneโ€™s house without addressing everyone who lives there


Being a Man (Stuff):

Always leave the house as if I’ve planned to prove the world’s opinion of [myself] wrong.

Donโ€™t: Expect something you canโ€™t or arenโ€™t willing to offer yourself

Do: Express individuality

Donโ€™t: Conform to the masses

Practice patience and respect, being hasty will cause me to miss my blessing.


Stay Polished Pistil


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