How beautiful would the world be ifย everyday were drama free

Some may say ย “boring!” to you I say, “go watch Sex and the City“. -__-

How beautiful would the world be, if good deeds & helping others were the way to be?

If instead of chasing money we spread love because that’d be the sole way to pay off that new car lease

How beautiful would the world be if we lifted up the insecure and the weak

Didn’t isolate them from “us” ’cause see, “No New Friends” wouldn’t exist, feel me?

Sometimes it feels like this world isn’t meant for me. Maybe Venus or Mars but not this cold, blue sea.

Being able to find the beauty in almost anything? A blessing and a curse if you ask me…

How beautiful would the world be if we could all just be, WE.

No walls, no mind games, no jealousy

Encouraging words would be the only thing on my news feed.

No living to become a star of “reality.” No pressure to show what only your husband or wife should see.

Back to “reality” and how the beautiful world would be, let’s talk about “popular posts” on I.G.

It would be filled with those helping others; loving others, feeding and clothing others.

We would be quick to apologize and quick to forgive. Quick to compliment and happy to give.

A world where differences were embraced, and “I love you” wasn’t just something to say

No one took advantaged of a big heart like mine, but cherished it even if love wasn’t hard to find

Battling of the powers wouldn’t exist, best friends and loves still kept things sacred

I originally intended on painting a picture of bliss. But instead…well, you get this ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy and extremely blessed, just had a “few” things to get off my chest.

I love LOVE, good music and I think following God is fun. Queen, mini, and prayer warriors you are worth a ton <3.

A beautiful world? “No way,” I am told. So, I won’t hold my breath but I refuse to grow cold.

Thoughts of a ย “naive,”ย ย twenty something, year old.

Maquita Donyel


Alexandria + Native | Arlington + Resident | Late Twenties | I Love = God + Mini + Simple Thrills + Art + Love + Humility

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