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Isabel Marant – Launching a Line with H&M

For lack of better terms, “Ahhh”!!! ย I have been waiting all week to talk about this!

As many have heard for the past two weeks, the Paris native, Isabel Marant will be launching a line with H&M November 14, 2013. (In select stores at 8:00 am and online at 12:00 pm)

Why you should be excited:

If you are not familiar with Isabel Marant, she is a French designer whose apparel appeals to the bohemian, street, chic-tomboy, woman who wishes to look effortlessly fabulous. Key word, EFFORTLESSLY… and I would say this is about 80% of us. This my friend, is why you should be excited.

I have put a few of my favorite pieces released below compliments of teenvogue.com, however you can check out the full line on their website.

WARNING: Minimal drooling is expected when reviewing the photographs below.

Stay fabulous. Run Wild. Stay Polished Pistil.


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