“These girls are choosing to be strippers instead of choosing to go to college but they don’t realize that’s temporary, no one can take away your knowledge. But that doesn’t mater to them because Β rappers talk about them in songs, but they aren’t seeking you in the future, they’ll need women who are strong. —We have to raise our daughters to know the difference between love and lust and show them the beauty of their hearts and not the beauty of the busts…Women be WOMEN.

We were a bit hesitant posting something with profanity, however it’s message is so necessary that we believe it is worth posting; after all it is Forbidden Topic Wednesday. Cheers to women empowerment, class, strength, and women empowering other women.Β 

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Could not understand her first and last name and I do not want to mispell it. If you find our her name and contact information, please share it with us here.

“You are God’s gift to man, not a tool to fulfill lust”


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