Sometimes I catch myself starring at my little one; watching her blink. This has often led to me wondering how does a body manage to grow a person?

Not literally, obviously, but how did belly movements in the night, all-day sickness (aka morning sickness), and a ton of weight gain come to be a beautiful person with blinking eyes, epic silly faces, and a witty personality. I love watching her blink, I love watching her sigh, I love watching her have pride in organizing her drawers. Five years later, I am still in disbelief that my body pushed out a baby that can walk, talk, and bat those pretty little eyelashes. I knew God existed before, I saw Him work in my life. But after giving birth to another human and being blessed with the responsibility of raising a woman stronger, smarter, and wiser than myself or the remarkable women before me, I saw God so much clearer. I saw Him through her every day, every breath, breeze, and blinking eye.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that us waking up this morning breathing, talking and blinking is proof that our lives have a purpose; a purpose that is not over yet. ย It’s easy to take our ability to work, sigh, love, and live for granted; it’s easy to forget it is all because of Him. These simple needs are the biggest blessings we could ever be given.

God has a purpose for your life and the lives around you. Your blinking eyes are proof of this. Although there are approximately 4 births each second, many children do not make it once leaving their mother’s womb. In the U.S., there were six stillbirths per 1,000 births (cbsnews). You were NOT one of those people and therefore it’s time we all take advantage of that. We are alive and on earth not by chance, our own strength, or accident; but by purpose.

Use today to live purposefully. Stop with the guilt, the “woe is me,” and “maybe tomorrow” speeches. Leave the earth in a better shape than you found it…with one more loving heart, with one more happy face, with one more of anything reallyโ€ฆbecause that one positive thing is something that only YOU can create.

Be thankful you woke up with blinking eyes.

Stay Polished Pistil <3


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