Childhood Memories

Below are  five childhood memories that came to mind after eating this Oatmeal Cream Pie ( in two bites) 😀  Can you relate??








1. Anything sweet

From the ice cream truck, the corner store run to the 7/11 stop for slurpees my grandmother made when we were out delivering papers at 3 am, I remember it all. Our sugar lovers can relate. <3


2. TV Shows

Getting up before elementary school, and the sun, to watch the WB was absolutely necessary. In middle school, it was NBC (A Different World & Saved By the Bell). Nickelodeon? Usually occupied over any indoor, free time in the evenings.


4. When Exercise Was Apart of Having Fun

Whether you were playing double dutch with phone cords, rollerblading, or riding scooters.Racing the boys to the basketball court or to the creek down the street. Theres no doubt about it, as kids “fun” was what happen beyond your front door and before the street lights came on.

5. When the Fun Was Indoors

I’m pretty sure my older cousin killed my Nintendo. -_- Yes, I’m calling you out. 

The type of technology used to create modern day video games are indeed impressive. But, it’s nice thinking of a time when all you needed was a  game of snake and a pet that could fit in your pocket!

What were some of your favorites???

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