all of me- john legend- now playing“Love all your curves and all your edges”
Anyone else absolutely in love with this song? It’s like being shot with a dose of hope! Lol
Here’s what we got from it:
I’ve found that as women (& people period) we work best when loved for all that we are. We work best when we’re surrounded by people that truly invest in us and help us grow. We operate worst when surrounded by those that condemn our flaws and condone our bad habits. We all have “beautiful imperfections.” It’s what makes us unique. But, the right person will bring out the beauty in those imperfections; they embrace your potential and they will help lead you towards the destiny God has for you. They will love you all of you… Curves and edges.
But as always, “love” starts with you.
No one can love all of a person that has yet to figure out how to love themselves.

Happy Friday Pistils!


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