1511066_538143619618314_1792968267_nComplement: as in goes well together, not compliment: as in to give a polite praise.

You see, peanut butter is quite tasty by itself; as are honey and jam. However, if you were to put either of them with a slice of bread covered with mayo, you would get a ย unappetizing result.

As always, it’s important to become your own tasty ingredient first, then patiently wait for your yummy match.

The same goes with friends! Do not force a friendship that is not meant to be. If you are unable to love them where they are, let go. If you are already thinking of ways you need to change them, let goโ€ฆ

There’s someone out there that will enhance the amazing person you already are, not take away from it. If you have already found that person, be sure to work daily to keep them! Just don’t settle… because ingredients truly matter.

Yes, this article was inspired by a PB&J sandwich.

Happy Saturdayย #polishedpistil


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