Valentines Day Idea 2014 – Letters of Love

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”
― Charlotte Brontë

Valentines Day Idea 2014 - Letters of Love

It’s almost Valentines Day!!!

valentines-day-coupleWhich means you are either leaping for joy about the box of chocolates  you “better” get, although you said, “love, you don’t have to get me anything”. Or you are feeling pretty nauseated by the slightest mention of Valentines day. But then again, you could be the person that’s somewhere in between. The person that’s single and loves V-day, so you’re opting for a night in with friends, family and New Girl, or a night out on the town. valentines-chocolate“Giiiirls night”!

Well, we want to challenge you all to something different. Instead of either, 1. harping on the fact that you’re single and how much this day sucks or 2. boasting about what you received this year, consider helping those that may never get an “I love you,”I’m thinking about you,” or even “Happy Valentines Day”.

Join us as we team up with Haven House to compose Letters of Love to the families being housed in their shelter. Your Valentines will be delivered by us on Valentines Day 2014!

Here’s what you have to do:


(Heartfelt letters only please! )

Valentines Day Idea 2014 - Letters of Love

1. “Dear_____…”

-Decide whether you will be writing your letter of love to  a child, mother or a father. Get your friends and/or your entire family involved! Have the kids write letters to other kids if you’d like.

2.” Violets are blue…”

Write something sincere, something that really resonates with you. If you are not the best with words, go with a poem or a quote!

3. “Press Send”

Send us a message, poem, or letter to by February 11, 2014. We will hand write them onto pretty Valentines Day cards and deliver them for you.



There’s a part of my life that’s now over.
There’s a part of my life that’s now gone:
and the time’s come for turning a new page –
for leaving behind what went wrong.

If I think of each day as a blessing;
a renewal of my energy:
then I shall move forward in confidence,
realising what my life can be.

Now, that part of my life is over…
I give thanks for it’s helped me to see,
how acceptance of hurt, then forgiveness;
transformed my own image of me.

More about Haven House:

Haven House is not just a shelter for the homeless, but a organization committed to making the families sufficient enough to get back out into the world and become productive citizens.

Haven House uses a 120-day program to address basic stability issues including mental and physical health, employment, budgeting, housing-related debt payment, and childcare.  The wonderful people of Haven House  keep up to eight families with 20-30 children each night.

Stay Polished Pistil!


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