[How to get through the dreadful task of doing the laundry]


It’s not the sorting, washing or drying that’s difficult to get through..it’s the folding and hanging up. So to help make the task less painful… here’s what we do.

In the middle of thinking of a favorite quote blaming Adam & Eve for this mess … I thought…

“How can one look at Laundry with a positive perspective?”

Although it seemed nearly impossible, came up with this…

Each time you pick up a piece of clothing to fold, after you take your dramatic sigh…*sigh*, pretend it is new. Pretend you just purchased it from the store and fall in love with it all over again. More importantly, think of the people that are unable to have piles of laundry to fold. Think of someone that would be thrilled to have, wash, and fold that piece of laundry. Β Become that person.

Β It does the trick..every time.

Happy Sunday!

Stay Polished Pistil


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