The “Polish Her Up” Challenge

By: Maquita Donyel


(Because we could all use a bit of Polish, unity and love)

In the past year, we’ve done some talking here and there about empowering one another as women.

What better month to start than March, Women’s History month?



Similar to  Letters of Love in February, the Polish Her Up (#PolishHerUp) challenge  involves encouraging someone you don’t know. It’s a simple, yet powerful act of selflessness.

1. Write one note/letter of encouragement. 

2. Give this note to a complete stranger. Be sure the stranger is a woman.

3. Do this everyday until the month of March is over.  

4. Take pictures of your letters, notes, and/or the reaction of the recipient and hashtag #PolishHerUp. Share the details of what happened if you don’t want a picture with them!

5. If you receive a letter, take a picture of it and hashtag #PolishHerUp

PS. You don’t have to stick around for them to read it.

I will be writing my first letter today and handing it to someone tomorrow! Eeeep! I will write about and/or and post the reaction on our instagram and twitter pages so, check it out!

We want you to share your pictures  and stories as well.

tumblr_n2ban6hOo21re42zko1_500What do I say to a Stranger?

For those that are hesitant about what to say to a stranger, try something like, “Hi, I’m apart of a challenge called “Polish Her Up”. A group of women and myself  are picking random women to hand a letter of encouragement to. Even though I don’t know you, you’re a woman and you were made to be amazing. Have a great day and enjoy your letter!

Our journeys are more similar to one another than we think. We all win when we work together! This will be a wonderful way to encourage and unite one another.  It’s time to break down those walls, spread love, and Polish Her Up.

 Run Wild. Love Always. Polish Her Up.

Stay Polished Pistil

 This idea was given to me by someone on Instagram participating in a similar challenge.  While I no longer remember their IG name, I did find a couple of sites that  “give a letters to a random strangers” on the regular basis (here and here)!  Check it out!

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