Falling in Love

Never felt so beautiful
Never felt so loved
Wondering “Why do I allow earthly things to come between us?”
The rock when you stagger
and cheerleader when you succeed
Even with fighting and fleeing He still manages to seek thee
HisΒ constant reassurance when questioningΒ who you’re meant to be
Ability to help you see
the unseen
The master of GREATNESS, the definition of art
Multi-colored skies…so much richness in what is dark
Winds and tides to remind you He is near
Casting out hate, defeat…fear
He will craft a strong woman out of an insecure girl
Even without an earthly father
You’ll still be a “Daddy’s girl”
The peace, that calms, that keeps and sustains thee
You will see things for what they are
rather than what they seem
Be humbled by His presence
Thankful for His grace
There’s no man above Him… no creature…no place…
Falling in love with Jesus
-Maquita Donyel

Alexandria + Native | Arlington + Resident | Late Twenties
| I Love = God + Mini + Simple Thrills + Art + Love + Humility

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