The Up Hill Battle

The two mile, morning run…

Running is not my forte. I’m usually a one mile and done type of woman..MAX. But this morning, I needed a mental boost— needed to do something more,  needed a challenge. So instead of just doing the usual one mile around the flat neighborhood, decided to run two miles in a hilly neighborhood [little deal for my professional runners, big deal for me].

“What goes up must come down”

Yes, the best part about running up hill is knowing that you get to run back down at some point. But if at any point, during the uphill run, I decided to stop running and walk instead, I knew I would INSTANTLY regret it when coming back down. I would feel like I hadn’t earned the easy run down hill.

I think it’s important that even during the run, the challenge or the struggle, we do not just simply mosey on up the hill, but instead PUSH ourselves up the hill. Sometimes just finishing is a huge accomplishment! Other times, we need to do more than just finish race, the goal, the assignment or the run; we need to finish strong—we need to PUSH. Do not get me wrong, taking a “walk in the park” is necessary. It is important to slow down and enjoy the things around you, to enjoy the moment you are in and everything/everyone of which surrounds it. But, maintaining a balance of the two is also necessary.

Because, unlike the “walk in the park”, often the “run through the hills” requires a different type of determination, a higher level of mental strength, self confidence, and faith (God knows it wasn’t happening alone). Also unlike the “walk in the park” you are able to grow beyond measure and gain a new appreciation for yourself, for God, and just how far you both can go.

Just making it up the hill is great! But after making it up the hill once or twice, it’s time to to give yourself that PUSH. Give yourself something to be proud of when you come back down on the other end.

 Push. Have Faith. Take a Chance.

Stay Polished Pistil


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