largeSix Words to Remove From Your Vocabulary

As a person that would rather write you a story than tell you one (there’s no “backspace” in public speaking)— I found this article “6 Words to Remove From Your Vocabulary” by Business Insider very insightful. Below is the link to six commonly used words and theirย improvedย alternatives. ย Check it out!

Among the six?


No matter the context, this one smacks of negativity. Consider phrases you might hear and how someone might interpret them.

‘Just a minute.’ย Your priorities are somewhere other than helping me.

‘Just do XYZ.’ย You think I’m having a hard time figuring this out.

‘I’m just an intern.’ย You think your power or influence is limited, in which case it certainly is.

Blogger, speaker, and consultantย Matt Mongeย takes special issue with the latter example. ‘You’re not just your position. You’re an integral part of your organization,’ he writes. ‘You’re an individual with goals, dreams, abilities, and ideas. You can be a motivated, empowered, positive, valuable member of the team if you just decide to put forth the effort and work it takes to be those things.'” – Business Insider


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