Z-UP-CLOSE-articleLargeUnable to recall today’s date or even the current year,  Barbara Smith says, “Things like that make me very sad.”

Designer, author, “iconic restaurateur,”  former TV Host, and model meets with CBS News yesterday to discuss her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Many of us know her as one of the first African American women place on the Mademoiselle cover, as the former owner of “B.Smith’s”  restaurant in Washington DC’s Union Station and current owner in New York,  or as the author of a number of cook books.

“I think the future is going to be fine. I’m going to my best to make it work out for me and as many people as I could possibly help too.”

The interview in the video above gives a brief insight into how she learned about her disease, how it is effecting her now, and where she see’s herself in the future.



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