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Very first Polished Pistil logo sketch

Up late watching one of my guilty pleasures “Switched at Birth.” During this episode, one the characters refers to a couple as, “Long Distance Runners”.

 As we approach our one year anniversary at Polished Pistil, I began to think of my favorite couples, favorite businesses, favorite movies, and stories. They all involve people that shared a unique connection with a person, goal, or dream that they relentlessly fought to keep, to accomplish, to grab hold of it and never let go. (In a totally non-creepy, non-controlling type of way, of course.)

“Love at first sight” stories are wonderful in a Disney movie sort of way, but the truth is there isn’t much gained out of WINNING without a challenge or a lesson.


The ladies that came to support Polished Pistil's Launch Day! <3
The ladies that came to support Polished Pistil’s Launch Day! <3

There were so many lessons, challenges, and accomplishments Polished Pistil had to overcome this year. The biggest accomplishment outside of making it an year (woo hoo)? Gaining you all as followers. It’s cheesy and so cliche…. But it’s TRUE. The mission, goal and vision of Polished Pistil is all about YOU! As I wander up this narrow path reading, studying, and praying on ways to become a better me, I’m also reading, studying and praying that my writing and silly videos will help you become a better you.

It is my hope that Polished Pistil has brought you closer to God and more in touch with yourself. That on days you were discouraged, PolishedPistil caused you to try “it” anyway. That one of our posts caused you seek healing, fix a friendship, chose love and positivity, or even just decide not to curse someone out that day (baby steps).

[Credit: A. Janell Photography]

I’ve wanted to write for women since I was 16 years old. And now, almost  10 years later it’s amazing that people actually are reading, enjoying, learning and laughing from articles written by little ‘ol me.

I want to keep it short and I don’t (well, didn’t) want to get all mushy—so in all seriousness and with the most sincerity….


Thank YOU so much for following us, for supporting us, for reading my stuff, for arguing my points and disagreeing! For trusting me with your intimate stories and your precious time.

I didn’t want to do any crazy “popularity” techniques… I didn’t want to follow 10000 people so that I could get a follow back… I wanted each and very follower of Polished Pistil to join this journey because of a genuine interest.

So with that said, YOU, ladies and male supporters, are just flipping amazing.

We are in it together… Things will only grow from here.

Trust God. Fight for your dream. Love ONE ANOTHER. Love YOURSELF.

And Stay Polished Pistil.

[June 2013 and June 2014….below are  many (certainly not all) of the people involved in Polished Pistil make it one year! ]


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