After reading “67 things I wish I had known at 18,” we came up with a list of our own.

15 Things to Know Before 26

  1. Smile more, complain less.Β It will not only brighten the days of others, but it will also remind youΒ how good it feels to have joy…thankfulness in your heart.

  2. Listen to yourself, trust your instinct, your inner voice, the Holy Ghost. This my friend is how you dodge bullets; big ones, before they’re even aimed.

  3. Learn how to paint your own nails and do your own hair. When things get tight and you get busy, you will be grateful!

  4. Move on from the ex. Ex’s are your ex’s for a reason. Unless you have accepted that you can deal with the person just the way they are (no changes) ..move on.

Which brings us to….

  1. You cannot change people; only they can change themselves. Β Accept them for who they are and stay or move on based on that. Do not make that decisions based onΒ who you hope they will become.

  2. Learn to love how you look without make up.

  3. Realize that speaking negatively about others reveals more about you than it does about them.

  4. Be polite…to everyone. You can politely and tactfully, put someone in their place. Learn to do that. It’s not being fake, it’s accepting your role asΒ queen.

  5. Make YOU your priority. Not in the selfish sense but in the selfless sense… do not be afraid to acknowledge the woman God intends you to be.

  6. Do a, “close friend inventory”. Be fully aware of the company you keep, especially the one’s “you’ll never be like”. Because eventually, you unknowingly will.

  7. When someone shows you who they are, trust them the first time.

  8. Get acquainted with change…and learn to love her.Β Like working out, sometimes to grow we must experience something unfamiliar… sometimes even pain. So if you’re going through a tough patch, breakup or situation… figure out what you can learn from it.Β Embrace theΒ unpredictable moments, leap intoΒ the adventure, and trust that His plan is better than the one you planned for yourself.

  9. Spend quality time with the ones you love, the ones that are there for you. Family and friends that have become family… do not take them for granted, ever.

  10. Work towards a dream so large, that you can hardly imagine it as your own.

  11. DONT. SETTLE. A wise 70+ year old woman (50 years of marriage experience) once told me, “Life is way too long to settle. Aim high.”

[BONUS]Β Choose love. Love is not a weakness, it is a strength. Those that choose hate will eventually unravel on their own. Focus on God (God is Love) and His promise, not the doings of others, not your circumstance… Nothing but love.

Stay Polished, Pistil


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