Letters of Love 2015



It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

Polished Pistil’s “Letters of Love” 2014

Which means either you will be …

  1. Swooning over petals and indulging in your favorite chocolates
    (from: him to: you | from: mom to: you |Β from: you to: you)

  2. Taking part in some sort ofΒ  “boys have coodies and men do too,” bash with your favorite girls

  3. Going to a paint ball field? Ok, maybe not paint ball.


  1. All of the above (because you’re just that cool)
    Well, we ask that you take a few breaths away from your ever so lovely lives, and join us in giving back this Valentines Day!

Join us in giving back to the brave women whose triumphs may have been overlooked. The ones that escaped dark pasts against all odds, and committed to Loving them first. The ones that also, may not receive a call, text, card, or most importantly, an “I love you.”

Polished Pistil’s “Letters of Love” 2014

This Valentine’s Day

The Polished Pistil team and our fabulous volunteers (women and children),Β will be putting together a batch of cookies and hand writtenΒ  letters for the brave women and children that have boldly chosen to leave their domestic abusive homes.

We want your letters too!

To have YOUR “Letter of Love,” included in the bunch, send it toΒ ThePolishedPistil@gmail.comΒ byΒ Feb 4, 2015Β and one of us will hand write it for you.

Dont just watch it happen via our Instagram page…be apart of it!

Stay Polished Pistil


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