Mane Polish – A (Quick) Hair Styling Product for Ladies with Curls

DevaCurl-BrittanyThis is for the, “on the go,” ladies that would like to look like they’ve spent more than five seconds on their hair (even if they’ve actually only spent five seconds on their hair).

I’m going to offer a few quick and easy beauty/ hair tricks for you to implement prior to beginning your busy day.

While working in the salon I came across a line called, “Deva Curl“.  Deva Curl is great for anyone with naturally wavy to ultra curly hair. For the longest time, ladies with curly hair have resulted to straightening their curls simply because stylist did not know how to manage them. Deva Curl, strives to not only help those with curly hair manage their curls, but embrace them as well.
Deva Curl has a three-step process and it is easy to follow!  

Step 1:
– Ensure that your  hair is fully saturated
– Massage cleanser into the scalp (focus more on the scalp, your ends are cleaned when rinsing the cleanser)
NOTE: The cleanser does not have lots of bubbles/suds, so make sure you rinse well. 

Step 2:
– Apply the conditioner. (Start at your ends and really work in the conditioner.)
*Note: You should start to feel your curls becoming soft and frizz free.
– Do a light** rinse of the conditioner. Its ok to keep 20 percent of the conditioner in, your curly hair will be thankful.

Step 3:
-After rinsing (and you’re completely out of the water)  flip your head over and use a generous amount of the hair gel.
-Scrunch gel into hair while your head is still flipped over (start at the ends and scrunching hair towards scalp).
*Note: the gel is going to create a barrier so when your hair dries you will not have frizz. The results are really incredible.
Optional : Using a hair clip is a great way to get volume at the scalp. Typically, with curly hair, your roots are weighed down. Clipping allows you to get the volume you want at your roots.
Send in your pictures and let us know how it turns out! Send it to or tag “@polishedpistil” on your Instagram photo! 
Happy Styling!
Stay Polished, Pistil
Brittany Burkett
Brittany Burkett

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