Spring Cleaning!!!!

It’s that time of the year again! You know, when we get rid of the old and make room for the new?
Except, this spring cleaning has nothing to do with clothes, dishes or that box full of pictures with your ex that it’s time to part with; time to spring clean your HAIR!!
Here’s a natural way to clarify your scalp and beautiful tresses WITHOUT the lather of shampoo.
How could you possibly have a clean scalp and head of hair without that great white lather?


Why use baking soda? 
Ever notice how dry your hair feels after you use shampoo? This is due to the ingredients of that shampoo; they act as a detergent. Just like your everyday laundry or dish detergent, shampoo dissolves the natural oils that our scalp produce.
Baking soda doesn’t strip your hair and scalp of all it’s natural oil. It’s strong enough to remove dirt, dandruff and that itchy feeling, yet gentle enough to still leave your hair moisturized and your scalp feeling rejuvenated!
Another method I swear by is the:
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Water Cleanse
I know, vinegar,  yuck.
While it isn’t a vanilla perfume infused shampoo, it gets the job DONE! I do not wash my hair that often because it works for me (maybe once every 4-5 weeks).  So when it’s time to get this scalp squeaky clean, I turn nowhere else! Not only does Apple Cider Vinegar cleanse your scalp, it also clarifies your curls leaving your hair with an amazing shine. I literally watch my month old, dry, curls become springing spirals in a matter of seconds. I don’t think I’ll ever stop this method.
How would you use the methods above?
Glad you asked!
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You will need: 
-Baking Soda
(Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Dry to Normal Hair, White Vinegar for Normal to Oily Hair…I use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and I have 4b-c hair) 
-Squirt Bottle with Pointed Tip
-Spray Bottle (Optional for the ACV mix, I use the pointed tip for everything)
Methods of Great Madness:
1. Make a solution of baking soda and water

-1 TBS of baking soda to 1 cup of water.
– Make sure the baking soda has completely dissolved. The solution should feel slippery in      your hands (if it doesn’t add another TBS of baking soda). Put in Squirt bottle.

2. Make a solution of vinegar and water – 2 TBS of vinegar to 1 cup of water.
(I use an applicator bottle and use 1 part ACV: 2 parts water…ex. If I use 2 oz ACV I add 4 oz water giving me a total of 6 oz in the bottle) Shake to combine. Put in spray bottle/Squirt bottle with tip

3. Wash
Preferably in the shower, wet hair and using the pointed tip of the bottle, apply the baking soda solution to the roots of your hair and massage into your scalp with the pads of your finger using a circular motion.  DO NOT apply to the entire length of your hair.
Leave on till it starts to feel “slippery”. Leave on while you finish bathing then rinse WELL.

4. CONDITION: Spray the vinegar/water solution on the length of your hair, focusing on the ends. Leave this on for about a min or so before rinsing.

I prefer to only use the ACV method to cleanse my scalp. However, this dual method may totally knock your socks off!
So how about it?! I challenge you to drop your regular routine of the shampoo shimmy and try this “no-poo”, scalp cleansing, circulation and growth promoting method. 
Tell us how you liked it, didn’t like it, or what you did to tweak it to suit your hair need! Be sure to ask PLENTY of questions! We’re here for you ladies!
Happy Spring Cleaning!!
Stay Polished Pistil,


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