Hi Guys!!! It’s me, Liz C.! So happy to be back after a small hiatus!

While on my little hiatus, something not so good ( but totally normal) happened…

I fell out of love with my hair.  That’s right.. OUT of love.

Literally, anything and everything that had to do with my hair I wanted nothing to do with.  I dreaded wash days and pushed them off until I couldn’t anymore.  I did the bare minimum as far as styling and maintenance. If it weren’t for my huge head, which in turn as led me to believe longer hair suits me better, I probably would have shaved my head bald!  (No shade at all to my lovely bald headed beauties!) That’s just how OVER my hair I was.

There wasn’t one particular reason that caused this sudden lack of interest, but probably hundreds. None of that really matters now.

What matters most is realizing that, just like with any other “thing” in life that has to be maintained, there will be times where you (I, WE) fall off.

Instead of dwelling on what happened, always focus on what will help get you back on your desired track.

How you fall back in love with your hair will be unique to YOU.  Maybe you need a new cut? Or some new color?

For me it was getting back to the basics of caring for my hair. Because of my neglect, my hair had become super dry. This is a very dangerous thing for someone with naturally dry, 4C hair.  So I decided to look into different ways of moisturizing.

I decided to try out the LOC method!

The LOC Method is a moisturizing regime that is all about the order in which you apply products to your hair.  This method has been known to provide ultimate moisture to the hair and it’s super easy.  You guys know I LOVE easy! Another added bonus is the products used are completely up to you!


Liquid (Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream)

Oil (Olive Oil)

Cream (Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding)

It’s that easy!  Since using this method, my hair has been making a great comeback!  The method leaves my coils super soft, moisturized and gives great sheen.  I’m on my way to falling back in love with my hair!

For all of you who are audio/visual learners, please see the video of one of my favorite Youtubers, @iknowlee, above.  She describes the LOC Method and shows how she does it on her hair.  


Stay Polished, Pistil

Liz C

Liz Collier

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