Spring is Hair! I mean HERE!! The comb of the breeze! The decorative flowers! The morning dew on a curly blade of grass! Pollen showing off a pop of color!

I bet you get where I’m going here.

With Spring expressing ways to show off, why can’t YOU find a way to incorporate Spring into your hair!!! Winter had many of us ladies rocking beautiful protective styles. Now that the weather is warming up, tryย a super cute spring style to compliment the new glow you’ll be getting.

1. Florals

Incorporating floral pieces into your hair is an inexpensive hair jewel. It adds a delicate and boho look.


From big to small spirals! Adding a curl to your tresses is sure to give an elegant spring look! Try pinning them to the side to open your face. Everyone wants to see that dazzling smile!!

3. Pollen! (A dashย of color)

Yellow…bright…colorful…hmmm COLOR!! Go bold and try a new color this Spring! Whether it’s a few highlighted tips or a completely bold a daring look. Sn: Just remember if you have natural hair and you choose to color ALWAYS ALWAYS kept your hair hydrated and moisturized to prevent breakage. Henna is a natural way to lighten. Along with my favorite lightening method: Natural lemon juice, water, and good old Mr. Sun!

Let your hair be a statement this season! From a curly wash and go to a braided updo! Show us how YOU plan to let Spring know you’re HERE!! Have fun! Be audacious! Most of all…stay Polished ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ziera Davis

Brooklyn, New York + VA Beach Resident Your holistic nurse Lola charges my Power (She's my Fro) Giver Fluent in sarcasm and realness

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