How was YOUR Hot Summer Weekend?!?

Did you eat crispy franks? Ward off ants and bees? Hang out on the beach in the sun? Wait, those are all the things I WISH I did! So if you were ME, then you probably spent it in the bathroom with the comb, conditioner water, and your phone tuned to Hulu while you detangled and attempted to bring life back to your tresses

I have been extremely lax with my hair lately. [In fact], so much that I’ve noticed a bit of breakage from it being so brittle (Extreme sad face)!

I am guilty of not giving my hair the constant moisture it [needs].

Not the perfect hair Guru you thought I was, huh? 

With the weather getting warmer and the air conditions changing, you want to make sure you’re giving your hair extra TLC. Here are a few tips to take with you when thinking about your hair during this warmer weather:

• For my naturals: ALWAYS protect those ends!!

IMG_6481can’t stress the importance and significant role this plays. This helps with maintaining your length and guarding them from potential split ends and single strand knots. To protect them, try sealing the ends with your favorite oil or hair butter after giving it some moisture and putting your hair in a “Protective Style” this season!

For ALL hair types: CONDITION!!

The heat is definitely here, which means the chlorine filled pools and salty beach waters are softly screaming our names!

Chlorine can cause very dry and damaging affects to ALL hair types. So, make sure you give your strands a little extra attention. Try a Co-wash (washing hair with only conditioner) before and after your Aqua extravaganza! I add an oil to my Co-wash for some added protection, but you can skip that step if you have naturally oily hair or if you’d prefer not to use it altogether. *You can even incorporate a quick protective style to prevent your hair from getting really tangled while you’re having fun! 

Be kind to your Mane and she (or he lol) will definitely show you how much the extra tender love and care is appreciated!! 

Share with us what you do to battle the elements of the new season! 

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Stay Polished Pistil,

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