1. How to Paint Tidy Nails at Home

So, you are in a hurry and are without enough time to make a manicure appointment. Time to paint your nails at home, WITHOUT painting your fingers too.

While practice is the only true solution to “painting within the lines,” we DO have a way to remove the polish from your fingers!

DONT: use nail polish remover and a q-tip

DO: Wait for your nails to dry completely, place them under cool water, and scrub/peel the polish off of your skin. This method works FAR better and faster than any polish remover job could.

2.  DIY Hair Wax (that will rinse off in the shower!)

I dream of a bikini wax that I can simply remove in the shower– Every Waxing Woman Ever.

Dream no more, Pistil.

With this natural wax made from THREE household ingredients, you can forget the cotton balls and baby oil. With ingredients like brown sugar and lemon juice, it will rinse right off! Check out this Natural Hair Wax Recipe here. (This particular link is the best one we’ve found so far)

DIY Hair Wax Suggestions

  1. Store product in a glass jar; this way you can reheat and reuse.

  2. If you find that the product is too thin, reheat the mixture and had an additional tablespoon of brown sugar until it is to your liking. Judge the thickness of the mixture after it has cooled down.

3. How to Give Your Lashes Natural a Lift

Give your lashes an extra lift without eye lash curlers. How? Using your handy-dandy, blow dryer!


  1. Apply mascara (one set of lashes at a time)

  2. Once applying the mascara is complete, turn your blow dryer on cool

  3. Blow the dryer (cool setting) about 6 inches underneath your eyelashes and watch those lashes lift! (Be sure to close the eye you’re working on)

  4. Repeat steps on second set of lashes


Stay Polished, Waxed and Lifted ladies!

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