Ah! Time to wake up!

As I stare out the window, I notice the awesome scene before me. The sun is out, bright blue skies, but little did I know the moment I step outside,


Humidity? In the little voice of my niece, “We’re Not Friends!”

Many of us ladies struggle day to day with humidity and our hair. What are we supposed Β to do? Do we wear a hat all day? Or maybe a bag, big enough for the tendrils!
Well, I hit the Naturalista’s of the FB community to see just how they beat the battle with Humidity.

Shonda Edwards says,

“They say your hair is your outfit’s best accessory, well my hair is the first thing I think about when picking out something to wear. My second thoughts are typically what hairstyle is flexible enough to match my outfit and hold up in that day’s weather.

When it comes to humidity, my go-to hairstyles are french braids, a sleek bun, an urban turban or the infamous poetic justice braids.:”Β (Pictured below are three of the four)

Anesha Searls added,

“In all honesty there is no surefire way to defeat humidity… However, the most efficient way to fight the effects of humidity is to NOT fight it. Embrace your texture! Wearing your hair in it’s most natural state (i.e. wash-n-gos) is probably the easiest way to manage your hair during more humid weather. Humidity can actually be your friend when wearing your Afro textured curls because your hair becomes more voluminous. Shrinkage and reversion is not an issue when you let your mane fly free. But if you’re just not feeling flaunting the fro’… You can always rock a scarf.”

Or a bag in my case πŸ˜‰

So there you have it! Urban Turban it up or just go with the flow and let your coils embrace the weather! A special Thank You to these Naturalista’s for sharing your super cool tidbits with everyone!

I hope this helps you with your next humid enhanced day!
Let us know how YOU battle the elements and until then, as always, Stay Polished Pistil.



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