“One of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten in my life was from my mom.—“- Johnny Depp

What in the heck would we do without Mom’s advice??


Today’s morning instagram post consisted of some necessary advice from my mom that I felt we all could use.  Then I got to thinking, “I wonder what other motherly advice is being served all across the globe this morning; I’d sure like to share it!”

Since the Wednesday schedule wouldn’t allow for a trip across the globe, I stopped a few random ladies in DC  and asked, “What is the best advice your mother has given you?”.

  1. Check out the video to hear their answers!

  2. Don’t be stingy… share some of the beautiful advice you mother has shared with you. 🙂 Some of your moms are hilarious and sharing is caring my dear.

  3. Check out the rest of that Johnny Depp quote here (pretty unexpected).


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