OK Pistils, so I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve been active. Life decided to throw a few curve balls and I didn’t have the right bat at the moment. HOWEVER, I prayed about it and was sent a bat made of the purest earthly elements!

Hello to all of you beautiful ladies! I’ve missed you.

Guess what?! I cut about 7 inches of my hair off in August (Aaaahhhhh). Not due to damage,Β  I just wanted a new look for my birthday.

Since then, I’ve been in a constant battle with my newfound tresses. My hair hasn’t been this short since my Big Chop(BC) back in 2006 and I NEED HELP; I don’t know what to do with my hair.

Humidity is the enemy and I just can’t seem to find a nice style to suit me with my shrinkage (it’s the “debil”).

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:
1. Wash and No’s – are JUST THAT, a NO.

2. Straightening- When I straighten it, it lasted for the moment…

3. Bantu Knots – came after straightening, I would Bantu Knot it at night. Didn’t work.

4. Buns – I even tried that bun on top thing. As you can see…yea, NO. I was at a Giants game and had to politely go to the bathroom to take that down. (Yes, he was mad that I left the seats just to do that).

Below are some before/after and during photos. All the pictures of the straight hair are all from the same week, my b-day week in August. When I wear it in it’s natural state (wash and then about 8-10 two stand twists/braids) I get a nice result. The photo to the bottom left of the super collage is on day three.

My cut is a bit tapered in the back, much shorter than the rest of my hair. I want to try some perm rods in it to show off the tapered cut, but I’m worried that it won’t look right.


What are your tips, tricks, styles?

Post and share below! I look forward to hearing your feedback!


Stay Polished Pistil,



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