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“Women have and will always make a difference in the world. We give life, if we stop that? Enough said.” – Tiffany Wilson.


Tiffany greeted me with a beautiful, bright smile and a warm hello. She has a way of both commanding the attention of a room and yet making you feel at ease. Her spirit is undeniably loving and genuine, her inner strength is most certainly felt.



Tiffany Wilson, a Boston, MA native and current Philadelphia, PA resident, is an author, public speaker, life coach, mother, and the founder of is a website and brand used to empower and encourage women to Get Engaged (#GetEngaged) with themselves and their life’s purpose.

Tiffany+Wilson+Chasing+Free+#tiffytalks+#chasingfreeBorn into a family full of talent, Tiffany was taught at an early age that it’s ok to be, “unique and colorful.”

“My grandfather, who is deceased, his name was Ted T. Turner—he was interesting. He was rhyming before rap (laughs) and [he was] very artistic. His happy and alive nature drew in all [types of] people. He taught me, probably without knowing, that it is important to give the world what you have. God has given me vibrancy and courage. [He has given me] a greater appreciation for humanity and myself — God is the bomb.  My grandfather didn’t give [his gift] to the world, but we got it… and we needed it.”

In between her everyday tasks and final preparations for her, “Know Your Worth Brunch,” Tiffany took a few hours to speak with me about embracing change, discovering one’s purpose, gaining confidence, the importance of women working together, and her MUST READ book “Get Engaged With Yourself and Win”.


Like many women over the age of 20-something, Tiffany’s “time to get married,” clock was ticking more anxiously than ever.

“I used to be obsessed with [the idea of] being married. I was like, ‘lets get this show on the road.’”

“I met this guy a year or so ago and his suit jacket was in my house. [At that moment] I thought, ‘I can’t wait to be engaged’.  Then as if He were insulted, God and the holy spirit told me, ‘You are engaged! This journey has been about you getting engaged [with yourself]. Marriage will come…but this, what you have right now, is really golden, it’s  really good.’”

“The cover of me screaming still resonates [with me]; it’s the most authentic picture. [It’s] the best representation of where my heart is and the [best representation of] my frustration with the images that women get hit with constantly. – – – I realized that I have something and it’s something I didn’t think I would obtain; it was myself.”

“To Get Engaged, I had to risk [this idea] of perfection. It’s about getting engaged with who you are and not just the perception of who you think you should be in order to be accepted, loved or appreciated.”

DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE (#GetEngaged with what matters)

“Every person was created on purpose for a purpose.”- Tiffany Wilson

“A lot of the answers [you are] seeking are within. God will use people and other things, to point you in the right direction. This will help you manifest and help you with your blind spots. Connecting with The Spirit can be scary but it is such a rich experience. There are clues within and those clues [will] lead you to [the] discovery of why you were created.”

The Busy Woman’s Cheat Sheet to Staying Spiritually Strong, Cheat-Sheet-Blog-Brown-Woman-1024x683is a great place to start.  Sometimes we’re spending a lot of money and doing [so many] things to fill the void of living a purposeless life. It’s important to assess what matters. Reflect, take a day or a weekend.”

What mattered to Tiffany was family and being self-employed.

“When I left corporate America, I had in my head that I [was] getting an A4 (Audi). I went to the dealership because that was my intention but, what [really] mattered to me was independence. What mattered more was getting to know my purpose more concretely, becoming self-employed and not having a lot of debt. When I sat in that Audi I realized that I couldn’t put my nieces and nephews in the back and purchasing this car would keep me in a cycle of debt and payments. This would move me away from what really mattered.

“Either you keep doing what you know doesn’t really matter, which will increase your unfulfillment  and probably unhappiness, OR you start to say this doesn’t matter as much as I thought, release was doesn’t matter, and make room for what does.”


11891144_1655340794678682_9163807062893998905_n“There are a lot of women that deep down, don’t feel good about themselves, this has got to stop.” -Tiffany Wilson

Tiffany’s confidence has grown over the years. Initially, like many, this confidence relied on the acceptance and approval of others. With “unchurched” roots, (knowing God was there but keeping her distance from any sort of relationship), Tiffany experienced her first spiritual awakening after moving to Philadelphia. It was in Philadelphia where she agreed (unenthusiastically) to attend an open house at a Seminary School. It was in Philadelphia where she would enroll into Seminary School at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University and where she received her Masters of Divinity degree. This process was challenging, taking six years  for her to complete after “retreating,” or withdrawing, from the process twice.

“Sometimes when jumping in with both feet, it’s ok to take a step back. It’s ok to retreat for a while and then head back in. I retreated, but I went back…because when God says it is so, it is so.”

In terms of women and gaining confidence Tiffany said,

“You [have] to look at what matters. What are your strengths?  Stop wasting time on those weaknesses and work on your strengths. Be ok with saying, “I am really great at this!” God has gifted me with speaking and inspiring, so I have to move in this. I can’t get distracted by the incredible singer, this is where jealousy and envy comes in. You have to be sure of yourself [and take time to discover] what you are sure about. Are you sure that you speak well, are you sure that you are loved, what are you sure about? Bringing God in does this. God is like, ‘I created you. I love you and I got your back.’ Everything’s not going to be perfect, but know you are not just out in the world aimlessly, you are not an after thought.


“Sometimes we want to be accepted. You will not be accepted by everyone and you’re not meant to work with everyone. We must try not take it so personally. When they don’t text you back, it is not a reflection of [you]. Either you are not supposed to connect, life is in the way, or God is saying ‘no, she cannot help with your blind spot…but I know someone that can. And in the perfect time I will introduce you to that person.'”

Blind spots,” are Tiffany’s way of describing the moments in life that are often unseen until pointed out  by another; like the blind spots you have when driving a vehicle.

“You think you’re good to pull out, but there’s something in your blind spot you cannot see. We all need help with our blind spots; it’s a communal thing. We NEED EACH OTHER to live and to really, truly, love and have an abundant life.  [It’s essential] that we move away from a competition mindset and into a communal [one].



Me-Speaking-Pic-for-WebsiteThe Know Your Worth Brunch are coaching sessions designed by Tiffany for the, as mentioned on her website, “contemporary, ambitious woman of faith who desires to love & value herself more.”

“If you don’t feel good about yourself, it shapes a lot of your life. It shapes how you dress, your posture…would you even ask for a raise if you don’t feel good about yourself? Do you feel that there’s something wrong with the guy that’s attentive and good to you? We are getting hammered as women with our sense of WORTH and identity. When we do not see ourselves through the eyes of God, and instead see ourselves through the eyes of man, we [get] in trouble; because now we are comparing ourselves with one another.”

When asked what we could do better as women, Tiffany said,

Love! Women, take time to discover what you truly like and dislike, and be thoughtful about getting engaged with your true self. For humankind in general, resist greed and do your best to champion Love, not just for other human beings, but for animals and the environment.”

This interview, full of empowering thoughts, concepts, and ways to prosper is only a small portion of what Tiffany offers. Aren’t you glad?!

Check out the many  other ways to read, learn, and/or get involved with all that Tiffany has to offer.

The Pledge:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.09.33 AMTiffany has recently launched the #GetEngaged Pledge, a pledge designed to  empower and teach women how to engage themselves in ways that will propel them towards the life and the love they desire most. You can go to to sign up for the pledge now!


The Book:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.01.09 AMTiffany’s book, #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win! 12 Keys to Unlocking the Life & Love You Desire, motivates women to strongly consider what it means to be engaged. It’s available on or if you’d like a signed copy, go to to order your copy.


The Brunch:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.11.24 AM“In the Philly area, I’m currently doing a KNOW YOUR WORTH Brunch & Coaching series. For details and dates click here: If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, but would like to work with me, click here: ”







Twitter or @_tiffytalks


Tiffany was chosen as a Featured Polished Pistil because of her bold faith, her great courage, her tenacity and determination to make us (women) and this world a better place.


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